No man in human history had a greater opportunity for success and happiness than did Judas Iscariot. Yet, since his death, he has ranked at the top of the list among those who also betrayed the Lord. Luke called him a traitor. John the Beloved labeled him as a thief. And even Jesus Christ, the tender Man from Galilee, said, “It had been good for that man If he had not been born” (Matthew 26:24).

Let us discuss what Judas might have been over against what he was. The picture of Judas Is a typical picture of many thousands of our day. Judas was honored to have his flame Included by our Lord among the Twelve. Had he not sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver, his name would have been inscribed In the multicolored foundations of the City of God. Whereas, today It Is only a byword and a hissing among men.



Judas betrayed the Lord for a paltry sum, but when remorse seized his soul, he returned to the priests and made a confession, “I have betrayed innocent blood.” Typical of the world, they said, “What is that to us. See thou to that.”

When one lives for the world and its creature comforts, feeds his body at the expense of his soul, and the whole world bows before him and beats a path to his door, yet, there comes a time when human hands cannot render assistance. Those who have bargained with you in the sale of your Christ will turn again and rend you.

Jeremiah said, “All thy lovers have forgotten thee” (30:14).


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